Nordic Knitters Gloves and Mittens Were Popular at SLOYDFEST in Åland, Finland

In the end of August, Eckerö Post- & Tullhus hosted local handicraft masters and also ambassadors from mainland Finland and Setomaa, Estonia. There were two days full of old techniques and draftsmanship. Visitors could participate in many different workshops and learn to knit, crochet, embroider, do bobbin lace, make a belt or a rope, try blacksmith and basket making.

Setomaa was represented by four masters: Maret Vabarna taught traditional colorful seto crochet, Ingit Kala instructed table weaving, Sigre Andreson did bobbin lace and Külli Kõppo-Jacobson showed an interesting way to make a cuff for a mitten or glove – a sgort rows technique.

We arrived couple of days earlier, so we had a chance to look around the island a bit. Also tasted really nice local food and stopped by Eckerö museum for a quick visit.

Thank you so much, Hanna Wiik-Rosenqvist and SloydFest team to invite us over and to organize such a smooth visit for us.


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Nordic Knitters Are Presenting in Åland, FINLAND Handicraft Festival

This summer’s large arts and crafts exhibition and festival at Eckerö Post & Tullhus is organized by the association Ålands Slöjd & Konsthantverk and Ålands museum.

The exhibition presents arts and crafts in many different techniques by craftsmen from Åland and the Nordic countries.

The theme is broad, there are activities for almost all interests. The craftsmen are free to choose how they interpret the theme.

The exhibition shows works by 24 Åland artisans but also by visiting course and workshop leaders from Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Estonia, a total of 46 artisans participate in FESTIVAL.

The Nordic participants lead courses and workshops during the craft festival , SLOYD FEST , which Ålands Slöjd & Konsthantverk arranges at Eckerö Post & Tullhus 29 – 30 August.
The program is added to the website .
At the festival, visitors can experience courses, workshops, lectures and demonstrations in many different craft techniques and materials. There will also be a market for quality crafts from all over the Nordic region.

This is an important cultural exchange between the Nordic countries that began with last summer’s exhibition, ÖAR – Island craft , at Eckerö Post & Tullhus.

The cooperation between the different nations in 2019 turned out very well and the exhibition attracted many satisfied visitors to Åland and Eckerö and will therefore continue this year as well!

The exhibition FESTIVAL is shown on the second floor (no elevator) in Eckerö Post- & Tullhus
from the beginning of June – 27.9 2020. Open every day at 10-18, free admission.

Ålands Slöjd och Konsthantverk is an association for those who like, want to support and are interested in crafts, design and arts and crafts. It is an organization for professional craftsmen and artisans and help and support them in their work, e.g. through continuing education and joint public relations activities.


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Southern Võro Handicraft Tour, ESTONIA

Welcome to Old-Võro County with lots of guided handicrafts in beautiful venues!

May 29 – June 3, 2022 – Southern Võro Tour (Tallinn – Tartu – Võru – Riga)

June 6 – 11, 2022 – Southern Võro II Tour (Riga – Võru – Tartu – Tallinn)

Ruins of Vastseliina Episcopal Castle

Nordic Knitters are organizing Handicraft Tours to Southern Old-Võro County, ESTONIA. Old-Võro is part of a historic Livonia, which is a region on the eastern shores of the Baltic Sea. It is named after the Livonians, who lived on the shores of present-day Latvia. As a consequence of the Livonian War in the 16th century, the territory of Livonia was reduced to the southern half of Estonia and the northern half of Latvia.

The ruins of Vastseliina Castle were and is a very desirable destination for pilgrims. It was a castle of the Livonian Order, Bishopric of Dorpat. It was constructed by 1342 by the Landmeister Burkhard von Dreileben as part of the border fortifications of Old Livonia against Novgorod, Pskov and later Moscow. We will visit the ruins and the Pilgrims’ House at the castle.

During the tour you will relax in Kubija SPA Hotel, enjoy guided handicrafts and great local food in Old-Võro County.

The price includes:
• 7 workshops in different Southern Võro location by the best handicraft masters, includes all materials and tools (for example, knitting, lace crocheting, embroidery, different belt making, wood stamping, cheese making,  etc);
• 5 nights in Kubija SPA Hotel double-room with breakfasts and dinners;
• 5 lunches in local gourmet restaurants in Võro County;
• Visiting the ruins of Vastseliina Episcopal Castle;
• 2 SPA treatment in Kubija SPA;
• Unlimited usage of saunas and spa during opening hours;
• Visiting Estonian National Museum (ERM) in Tartu;
• Bus transportation between Tallinn and Riga.

There might be a grand Craft Fair hold in Riga on June 4-5, 2022.

PayPal payments will have an extra EUR 80 charge. A single room available for EUR 200 extra for the entire tour.


Info and reservations:
Külli Jacobson
+ 372 50 343 86 or



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Handicraft Trip to Setoland ESTONIA

Nordic Knitters are organizing Handicraft Tours to Setoland ESTONIA. Handicraft lovers from all over the world are gathering to Setoland, which is famous for its beautiful nature, unique culture and extraordinary hospitality. Seto peoples’ handicraft is quite distinct compared to the rest of Estonia, but also different from the neighbor Russia.

Next handicraft tour to Setoland will take place in

July 28 – August 2, 2020

During the tour you will relax in Värska SPA, enjoy guided handicrafting and great local food in Setoland.

The price is EUR 900 and it includes:
• 6 workshops in different Setoland location by the best handicraft masters, includes all materials and tools (for example, knitting, lace crocheting, embroidery, different belt making, wood stamping, cheese making,  etc);
• 5 nights in Värska SPA Hotel double-room with breakfasts and dinners;
• 4 lunches in local gourmet restaurants in Setoland and 1 lunch at the fair;
• Visiting Seto Farm Museum and Litvina Handicraft Farm;
• 1 SPA treatment in Värska SPA (Mineralwater Bath or Mud Bath);
• Ticket and transport to Seto Kingdom Day;
• Unlimited usage of waterpark, saunas and gym during opening hours;
• Bus transportation Tallinn – Setoland – Tallinn.

PayPal payments will have an extra EUR 50 charge. A single room available for EUR 100 extra.

Info and reservations:
Külli Jacobson
+ 372 50 343 86


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Finnish TAITO Handicraft Magazine Featured Nordic Knitters in their December Issue

The journalist Sonja Karlsson visited us in October and investigated how Nordic Knitters are doing and how the founder Külli Jacobson started her company. The author gives us a quick glance into the past and some in depth thoughts about the symbols on mittens and meaning behind them. Beautiful pictures accompany the article and it fits right into the arriving holiday season. Thank you and Merry Chistmas to all!

More info about the publication –

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TIMELESSNESS Exhibition is Now In Estonian National Museum in Tartu, ESTONIA

The grand exhibition, consisting of 32 huge balls covered with different handicraft techniques, has traveled to Tartu, to the Estonian National Museum. The museum building itself is a magnificent statue of modern art. It has already collected awards internationally.

Nordic Knitters has also decorated one ball. We have used color-work technique, the exact same method how we knit our mittens and gloves. Knitted with thin needles and thin yarn, we have created 100 little castles. The motifs and symbols are so strong and protective that they can be use as a “weapon” or shield against the evil and harm we are surrounded in nowadays world.

They are also soft and warm like our family and friends giving us the extra power and embracing us in the goodness of everyday life.

The intro by curators Mae Kiviloo and Kaarel Kuusk at the hall says:

“Wait. Stop. Take a moment. You, who you rush through the reality anonymously among thousands of others; the reality where the environment is built in a moment, quickly, effectively and cheaply. Swoosh-woosh ready, bang-bang ready, click-clack ready …

Leave it all behind. You have reached TIMELESSNESS. You are surrounded by the planetarium of handicraft techniques, where each millimeter has been wor ked over. Yarn flowing through fingers, wood bending in hands – these thinking hands belong to 32 masters who have gathered from places all over Estonia. In their works they use hundreds of years old knowledge and skills. This is how the works of this exhibition were made. These works continue the trail of our ancestors’ thoughts using materials that have grown with us. From day to day, from time to time, preserving our personality and identity, ready to meet the ones who come after us.”

Open until January 19, 2019 at ENM (

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WELT Newspaper from Germany Featured Nordic Knitters’ Beautiful Gloves

“Estonia is one of the big knitting centers in the world. Especially the mittens are a cultural-historical heritage. Their patterns have meanings. While it makes no sense to warm hands in the summer months, now is the time to dig into the drawers for some pairs of gloves. Probably people, who have spent their summer vacation in the Baltic States are stocked with mittens and gloves very typical to this region.

Today, knitting is much closer to the people. In Tallinn , you will encounter masses of knitwear, most of them made by machine. On the wool bazaar in the Müürivahe street you can get such gloves made of synthetic yarn from just ten euros. You can find the largest selection of authentic handicrafts at Eesti Käsitöö (Estonian Handicrafts) on 22 Pikk Street, Tallinn, Estonia.

Fll text here –

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Nordic Knitters Are Part of an Amazing Estonian Handicraft Exhibition Project TIMELESSNESS

Estonian Folk Art and Craft Union is every year deciding upon a theme, which they are emphasizing more in their different activities throughout the year (see more at Some of the themes have earlier been about wool, fire, ornaments etc. During the year that theme is also more obvious in local handicrafters’ production and is also the main topic in Mardilaat (St. Martin Day Fair) of that year.

This year’s theme is timelessness. The focus is on timeless handicraft techniques and timeless patterns. Handicraft masters are welcomed in several events to show their art in public. One of these occasions is a grand exhibition called TIMELESSNESS. It is an exhibition of inherited patterns and rhythms. There were 32 handicraft masters chosen, who were given a huge ball to be decorated in their familiar technique. Nordic Knitters beautiful mittens and gloves have been noticed and we also have the honor to put our skills and art on a show.

The venue is St. Catherine’s church in Vene Street in Tallinn ESTONIA. Exhibition is open September 8- October 7 Wed- Sat 12-18, Sun 12-16.


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Knitting is Honoured in Estonia

Estonian Folk Art and Craft Union is promoting local handicrafts all over Estonia. Nordic Knitters is one of the representatives in South-East corner. The complete list of wonderful shops with wide selection of hand made items and different services, including folk costumes and courses on  handicraft techniques are available at

This spring, the Craft Union is putting together a leaflet for tourists and locals, so the shops could be easily found and visited. we are very happy to announce that the cover photo is depicting knitting, and more specifically one of our Nordic Knitters.

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Nordic Knitters Were Part of Seto Handicraft Exhibition in Pskov

Seto Handicraft Association organized a grand exhibition in Pskov, RUSSIA. There are handicraft items from 17 different masters at the display in their National Heritage Center. Besides mittens and gloves, there are belts and embroidery, silverware and woven works presented in this glamorous and extensive show of Seto Culture.

Nordic Knitters brought 30 pairs of mittens and gloves. Also a beautiful slide show is running next to the actual knitwear. Most of the mittens are knitted using Siberian seto floral patterns. The rest are ancient patterns from  Setoland and Estonia.

The exhibition will stay open until March 23rd.

More pictures at

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