I’m so happy to be on Kihnu island again, because tomorrow will start the three day knitting festival.
We will be knitting authentic Kihnu women’s socks. Kihnu island is one of the few places in Estonia where women still wear daily their traditional skirts.

DAY 1: In the morning we were welcomed by the organizers with some local smoked fish sandwiches and beautiful handmade knitting bags. They divided us into two groups, we had total of four teachers and the Kihnu sock knitting could begin. The motif repeat was really wide – 50 stitches and the needles were really thin 1.75 mm.  So it took a lot of unraveling to do it right. I finished the color work part and couple inches of white travel stitch part. So much fun and it will continue tomorrow.

DAY 2: so much knitting was done during this sunny but windy day on Kihnu island. In order to save us from back pain and arm pain and neck pain the organizers invited a Shindo therapist to instruct a group exercise session. We also had a really fun excursion around the island in the special lorry. A marvelous dinner was followed by a smoke sauna which by the way is in a UNESCO intangible heritage list as a tradition in Estonia.

What a great day!

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