In the end of August, Eckerö Post- & Tullhus hosted local handicraft masters and also ambassadors from mainland Finland and Setomaa, Estonia. There were two days full of old techniques and draftsmanship. Visitors could participate in many different workshops and learn to knit, crochet, embroider, do bobbin lace, make a belt or a rope, try blacksmith and basket making.

Setomaa was represented by four masters: Maret Vabarna taught traditional colorful seto crochet, Ingit Kala instructed table weaving, Sigre Andreson did bobbin lace and Külli Kõppo-Jacobson showed an interesting way to make a cuff for a mitten or glove – a sgort rows technique.

We arrived couple of days earlier, so we had a chance to look around the island a bit. Also tasted really nice local food and stopped by Eckerö museum for a quick visit.

Thank you so much, Hanna Wiik-Rosenqvist and SloydFest team to invite us over and to organize such a smooth visit for us.