Estonian Folk Art and Craft Union is every year deciding upon a theme, which they are emphasizing more in their different activities throughout the year (see more at Some of the themes have earlier been about wool, fire, ornaments etc. During the year that theme is also more obvious in local handicrafters’ production and is also the main topic in Mardilaat (St. Martin Day Fair) of that year.

This year’s theme is timelessness. The focus is on timeless handicraft techniques and timeless patterns. Handicraft masters are welcomed in several events to show their art in public. One of these occasions is a grand exhibition called TIMELESSNESS. It is an exhibition of inherited patterns and rhythms. There were 32 handicraft masters chosen, who were given a huge ball to be decorated in their familiar technique. Nordic Knitters beautiful mittens and gloves have been noticed and we also have the honor to put our skills and art on a show.

The venue is St. Catherine’s church in Vene Street in Tallinn ESTONIA. Exhibition is open September 8- October 7 Wed- Sat 12-18, Sun 12-16.