Bringing Vintage Knitting Style to Muhu Island

Sydney Crabaugh, a vintage knitting designer and the head mistress at the Squid’s School of Vintage Knitting visited me in April, 2023 and together we visited the Estonian National Museum. It is amazing – I haven’t been here a while and forgot that the level of interaction and technology and diversity is really astonishing.
The second day we had a great opportunity to discover Seto treasures both in Värska and Obinitsa. Delicious meals and fine handicraft pleased our souls.
Our first day on Muhu island was breathtakingly beautiful. We met different handicraft masters and had a chance to admire their work at their workshops. We were staying in the historic Vanatoa Farm Hotel and dined at Tõnise.
Our second day on Muhu island took us to the color paradise. This was the place where brightness and joy lives. We visited Velli Saabas, well respected local woolen skirt fabric weaver at her workshop. We saw many beautiful old items at a local museum.
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Bon voyage!