Great Protection from Petseri - Fine Hand Knitted Mitts

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Description: Knitted with three colored yarn in traditional Estonian fair-isle style. Tightly knitted using 0-size needles and DK weight yarn, they are perfect to block wind and wear in winter. The green and red yarns are hand dyed, the grey is natural sheep color. All yarns are 100% wool from Estonia.

The complicated pattern creates a fabric-like result. It has a soft and thick insulation layer, generated by the yarns which are not currently shown and run on the back of the work.

This pattern comes from Petseri area in Setoland, located in South-East corner of Estonia. It has 8-corner stars and clover blossoms combined creating a powerful protection and a link to the nature.

There is a elaborate braid combinations around the cuffs, which adds elegance to this pair of mitts.

Woman's size, custom orders are welcome!
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Great Protection from Petseri - Fine Hand Knitted Mitts
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