Fine Hand Knitted Lady's Mittens - Tallinn

Price: 72,00
Description: Knitted with three different colored yarn in traditional Estonian fair-isle style. The colorful yarns are hand dyed, 100% wool. The off-white is natural undyed sheep color. Tightly knitted using 0-size needles and DK-weight yarn. The three layers of yarn make them perfect to block wind and wear in a cold winter day.

The old pair, from where I got the pattern, comes from Tallinn. It was new when it was deposited in the Estonian National Museum under A 559:53. It had a lable attached to them, which said that they belonged to the Museum of Home Handicraft Industry Development Society in 1945.

Please also visit the Estonian National Museum fond site at for a glance to the original.

Women's size, also available for custom order in any sizes. 
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