Finely Knitted Lady's Mittens - Jõhvi

Price: 74,00
Description: Knitted with four colored yarn in traditional Estonian fair-isle style. The pattern comes from Jõhvi in Ida-Virumaa, North-East Estonia and is called Christmastree pattern.

The yarn is 100% Estonian and is hand dyed.

Tightly knitted using 0-size needles and DK-weight yarn, they are perfect to block wind and wear in winter.

Fits a medium or narrow women's hand, also available for custom order in any sizes. 
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Dianne Thurber, 21.08.2014 21:30
I would like to order these mittens with a natural white background and blue in place of the yellow yarn.
Dianne Thurber, 12.08.2014 15:57
I would love these mittens with a (medium-dark!)blue background.Medium -ladies size.They are absolutely beautiful.Please let me know if you think this is not a good colour choice. Dianne Thurber