Fine Lady's Gloves in Spring Snowflake Mood

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Description: Knitted with six colored (burgundy, yellow, purple, orange, white and green) yarn in traditional Estonian fair-isle style. Tightly knitted using 0-size needles and DK weight yarn. The yarn is hand dyed, 100% wool from Estonia. The off-white is natural sheep color. They are perfect to block wind and wear in winter.

This pattern comes from Pankjavitsa area in Petseri region in Setomaa. It is currently part of Pskov County in Russia, located near ESTONIA. It is an old Seto pattern, which depicts an ancient tree of life. The souls used it to climb up to the Heaven and the ancient bird laid its egg to the nest in that tree. Many beautiful legends use that motif.

Lacy cuffs in color are giving these gloves an extra twist. They are like bracelets around Your wrists.

The gloves are colorworked all the way to the fingertips, which makes them warmer than average thin one-layer gloves. The yarn being rather thin makes them very comfortable to wear and they fit like a second skin.

Women's size, also available for custom order in any sizes.
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Fine Lady's Gloves in Spring Snowflake Mood
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