Fine Hand Knitted Lady's Gloves in Saatse Style

Price: 78,00
Description: Knitted with three colored yarn in traditional Estonian fair-isle style. Tightly knitted using 0-size needles and DK weight yarn. The yarns are hand dyed, 100% wool from Estonia.
They are perfect to block wind and wear in winter.

This pattern comes from Saatserinna area in Setomaa. It is a more mordern Seto pattern: floral motifs. Elegant cuffs are knitted in lacy pattern.

The gloves are colorworked all the way to the fingertips, which makes them warmer than average thin one-leyer gloves. The yarn being rather thin makes them very comfortable to wear and they fit like a second skin.

Women's size, also available for custom order in any sizes. 
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Fine Hand Knitted Lady's Gloves in Saatse Style
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