Fine Hand Knitted Lady's Gloves - Irboska

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Description: Knitted with three colored yarn in traditional Estonian fair-isle style. The pattern comes from Irboska area in Setomaa historic region in South-East ESTONIA. Some Seto patterns are very different compared to other parts of Estonia. This wavy pattern is very pleasant to knit, it almost runs itself.

The green tone is quite an olive color, with orange and red it reminds me an autumn pile of leaves.

Tightly knitted using 0-size needles and DK weight yarn. The yarns are hand dyed, 100% Estonian wool. They are perfect to block wind and wear in winter.

The gloves are colorworked all the way to the fingertips, which makes them warmer than average thin one-leyer gloves. The yarn being rather thin makes them very comfortable to wear and they fit like a second skin.

Women's size, also available for custom order in any sizes. 
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Fine Hand Knitted Lady's Gloves - Irboska
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