Handicraft tours 2020 in Southern Võro, ESTONIA

Welcome to Old-Võro County with lots of guided handicrafting in beautiful venues! In 2020 we have two tours planned: May 31 – June 5, 2020 – Southern Võro Tour (Tallinn – Tartu – Võru – Riga), which is SOLD OUT and June 8 – 13, 2020 – Southern Võro II Tour (Riga – Võru – Tartu – Tallinn). More info about the tours and registration is available HERE.

Handicraft Trip to Setoland ESTONIA

Nordic Knitters are organizing a Handicraft Tour to Setoland ESTONIA from July 28 until August 2, 2020. Handicraft lovers from all over the world are gathering to Setoland, which is famous for its beautiful nature, unique culture and extraordinary hospitality. Seto peoples’ handicraft is quite distinct compared to the rest of Estonia, but also different from the neighbor Russia. This tour will also take you to the Seto Kingdom Day celebration in Kolossova Village.

Haapsalu Lace Knitting Tour – SOLD OUT

In May 1 until 9, 2020 we will learn to knit the Haapsalu Lace Shawl by the best local master Siiri Reimann. We will also learn the ROOSITUD technique in Tõstmaa, visit Muhu and Saaremaa Islands, Lihula (famous for its flower embroidery) and Noarootsi. We stay in Fra Mare SPA Hotel and dine in local gourmet restaurants. Order your own tour with suitable dates from info@NordicKnitters.com